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What does the NABPP stands for and who are we?

NABPP stands for National Association of Bankruptcy Petition Preparers. Bankruptcy Petition Preparers are experts on document preparation for bankruptcies. A petition preparer is a person other than an attorney or an employee of an attorney, who prepares, for a fee, a document for filing by the debtor in the United States Bankruptcy Court. You have a right to prepare!


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Section 110 of the United States Bankruptcy code provides that a non-attorney can assist in the preparation of the bankruptcy petition. The United States Trustees Office job is to enforce this code. Imagine, Congress has made a provision that allows anyone to create bankruptcies even non lawyers! Many cases of fraud and abuse have occurred because there is no training or organizational assistance available for anyone deciding that they will buck the hassles and become a bankruptcy petition preparer. Worse than the problems encountered by Our Petition Preparers, are the problems to our clients by unskilled preparers.  We have trained bankruptcy attorneys available that can help you and our organization prevent this abuse.

This organization was formed to prevent the mindless abuse caused by the lack of training and to prevent non-attorneys from getting themselves and their clients in trouble. Your job as a preparer is assisting debtors in exercising their right to use a petition preparer to prepare their bankruptcy.

We are experts in  providing training for Law Offices. Does your office need to prepare bankruptcies? Call Us let us show you how.

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The goal of this Association is to provide educational assistance and training to increase the professionalism of petition preparers. The adversaries are the untrained preparers that do not want you the petition preparers to exist, as well as  PREPARERS that are ill equipped to respond to the law challenges.  Too many Preparers make the same basic mistakes, simple things like placing "Legal" in their company names, or bad things like painting a target on their backs for the trustee and the 'problem client' to shoot at their business. Our mission is to make the Preparers a trained professional, providing leadership in the preparation of these documents.  When all else fails we have attorneys available to protect YOU. Join us Now!


We have new and revised classes.  We now have specialty classes to detailed the forms (New Forms Only Class) and Chapter 13 classes.

You have done a few bankruptcies, but now you want to make it a business! Call us, we can train you to do them right.

  The new Master Classes are now online as well as the express classes and available.

Bankruptcy Act Training Class with Best Business Practices.

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Contact Information

NABPP Executive Director:   Donald Harris,BS,JD
Telephone: 419-504-5081  Cell PHONE NUMBER 419.702.0536
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2917 N Bayview Lane
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General Information: director@nabpp.com

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